Bored in class? Here’s a list of things to occupy your time

Alexis Cruz

Have you ever wondered what fun things you can do during your boring classes? I’m going to teach you a few things that might help in your journey to make school more enjoyable! 

Sleeping in class

Sleeping in class is essential. If you’re struggling to stay awake, take a little brain break. It may be looked down upon by some but it’s actually a good way to pass the time in that extremely boring class.

Rocking in your chair

We have all done this at one point in our lives. It’s a wonderful way to test your balance. Personally I love to see how long I can go before I inevitably fall to my demise and possibly get a concussion.

Listening to music

One of the most helpful tools to help you concentrate is to listen to music. Depending on your taste in music, it can either be helpful or detrimental. For example students who listen to hard rock, metal, and rap during lectures statistically do worse on tests than students who don’t, while classical music is proven to help improve test scores. 

Using your phone

We all need a break to catch up on the news and social media. Even taking just a few second between activities can help reset your brain. And for those longer class breaks, simply watch YouTube or Netflix to get you through the day. 

Pencil Tapping

Now everyone can see your percussion skills with this awesome talent you can learn really fast. All you need is a sense of rhythm, 1 or 2 pencils and start tapping away! Try and make the fastest and sickest beat you can.


Embrace your creative side by drawing those cool looking s’s to your heart’s content! Doodling is by far a more classic approach to passing the time in class, plus it allows you to put your imagination on paper. If you have extra time at the end, add in a bit of color.  

Spin your pencil/pen

Spinning a pencil in your hand can be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Getting the pencil to the other side of your hand and back with no lag in between the spins, oof what a nice thing. You can even get creative and more skilled the more you practice.

Rolling your backpack straps

Another really satisfying thing to do is rolling up your backpack straps until they reach their limit and then let it loose! This one’s a classic and really simple to do. Just repeat the same process over and over again until the teacher calls your name.