Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

Desire' Hughes, Staff Writer

It’s getting to be that time of year again, the time of year in which we ask ourselves, over and over again, that one pesky question: what would be the perfect gift to get the people I love? To ease some of the pressure that comes along with that question, here is a list of some of the top gifts to get everyone in your life this holiday season.

Coco Chanel Perfume: Although this can be pricey with a starting price of $75, this is a great gift for a girlfriend, mom, friend, and etc. This can be found at major department stores.

Gift Cards: Who doesn’t love to have a gift card to their favorite store or food place? Plus, it’s perfect for a last-minute gift. You can go to Kroger, Walmart or Target to find a gift card. The price of it is completely up to you.

The Diana Camera: This little plastic camera would be perfect for people who are into the dreamy, soft focus photo aesthetic. You can get the camera starting at $50. Don’t forget the film, which is sold separately.

Cover Fx Glam & Glow Liquid Lights Set: Can be found at Sephora in stores and on their website. This gift can be given to any girl who enjoys doing her makeup. Right now, this is currently on sale on the website for $29.

AirPods: Even though they start at $160, just about everyone is getting them. With excellent sound quality, they are worth the investment.

Men’s Watch: You can go to to choose from a variety of watches to get for any special guy in your life with prices starting at $80.

Fila Shoes: These shoes were a recent trend during the summer and would be a great gift for anyone. They can be bought from off the Fila website, Famous Footwear, Foot Locker and Journeys, starting off at $65.

Custom Made Card: If you don’t have a lot of money to get Christmas gifts you can go on the Walgreens website and create a custom card. This gift will also hold sentimental value and the price starts at $2.50.

Roku Streaming Stick Remote: Would be a great gift for anyone that loves binging on TV shows. It’s perfect for streaming Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and more with prices starting at $35.

A Designer Durag: Since having waves has been such a big thing this year, getting a durag for any guy with waves would be a great gift. There are plenty of websites that you can get a designer durag from. One great website you can get one from is Their designer highest price is $30.

Goodie Basket: This can be fun to make and the price of this will be completely and solely up to you. The basket can contain anything you want from candy to socks. The Dollar Store and Five Below have items that are perfect to fit in your basket.