Gift suggestions to help you fill your list


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Anuoluwa Asubiojo

Have your parents been asking what you want for christmas but you just don’t know?Well here are some suggestions for gifts that you can ask for the holidays.


If you are also a fellow gamer then this would be the perfect gift to get. The PS5 has many upgrades that make it better than the PS4. The PS5 has 4k resolution, next generation VR, higher frame rates which makes it have better performance, and photorealistic graphics, lighting, and physics. It’ll also load games faster than ever before thanks to its internal NVME SSD.Even though it’s on the expensive side you get a deal on Walmart if you make to check every now and then.

Iphone 12

If you’ve wanted a new phone for a while then the new Iphone 12 would be the best gift to ask for this year. The Iphone 12 has improved in so many ways. It has 5G connectivity for faster downloads and uploads, better quality video streaming, improved gaming, and higher-definition FaceTime 1080p calls.You could never go wrong with a phone upgrade either.Just make sure that you’ve kept your end of the bargain so you’re likely to earn this amazing gift this christmas.


When you’re really unsure what to want then you could just ask for a gift card. You could get a gift card to Foot Locker so you could get a brand new pair of shoes or maybe an Amazon gift card so you can get a brand new pair of headphones.A gift card is fantastic because you have a lot of different options.With all those store items you the person you give the gift to still has options of what items they want to buy with the card.You should also get the 50 dollar gift card  rather than the 15$ dollar because they last longer and you have a broader range of items to buy.


A Virtual Reality is a growing gaming product that would be great to request for this holiday season. It’s a fascinating way to travel using nothing more than the power of technology. With a headset and motion tracking, VR lets you look around a virtual space.It’s as if you’re actually there, or play a game like you’re really in it. It’s the perfect way to escape from your problems.

Five and Below  

Five and Below is a great way to find cheap items for a surprisingly good quality.If you don’t really want anything fancy or expensive then you can just ask to go to Five and Below and just shop around a little bit. It’s a nice, simple, and pretty cheap gift. Take mental notes that all the good finds are in the back of the store.It would be the superb thing to do.

If none of these gifts work for you, you could always just ask them for money. Money is always a good gift.