Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Alone


Avery Drake

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and while some of your friends might be making plans as a couple, you’re wondering what to do to pass the time as a party of one. Don’t let the thought get you down. Embrace being single and use the day to spoil YOURSELF. Besides, nobody knows the things you love like you do, right? Here are some ideas to make it your best single Valentine’s Day yet. 

Spa Day

Treat yourself to a bubble bath, foot soak, or any at-home spa day you prefer. Head over to Buff City Soap in Mansfield and check out their all-natural handmade products. You probably won’t want to leave when you see their selection. They have everything from activated charcoal face soaps, to colorful bath bombs and pet bars! You can also stop by Bath and Body Works and grab yourself some of your favorite scrubs, lotions and candles. They’ve just released a new line of spring scents and they always have a huge selection to choose from.

Candy + Sweets

If your coupled friends are getting candy and sweets, why shouldn’t you? You know your favorites the best, so grab a box of Crumbl Cookies and share it with friends or, better yet, don’t. When’s the last time you went to Baskin-Robbins, Bahama Bucks, or bought boba from Kung Fu Tea? Or treat yourself to a slice of Cheesecake Factory you’ve been wanting to try. Or just run to the store and stock up on your favorite candy. It’s your day. We won’t judge. 

Movie Marathon

Singles Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to binge-watch your favorite movies or tv shows. Whether rom-coms or thrillers are your thing, there’s no arguing over which movies to watch if you choose to enjoy alone. Grab your popcorn, sweets and settle in. Or text your friends and make it a binge-watching party.

Shopping Spree

Valentine’s Day is a great time to spend money on yourself because most of your favorite stores are having sales. You won’t have to fake-like the gift someone else got you if you’re spoiling yourself. A lot of shops and online sites are starting their sales now, so take yourself on a shopping spree and grab what you’ve been wanting! FYI, new spring clothing lines are now in stores.