Need to update your closet? Here’s the latest fashion trends to help you out


Leather jackets are making a come back

Avery Drake

As schools and social outlets slowly begin to open up, it’s time to get out of those quarantine sweats and jammies and step back into the world in style. Let’s face it, your credit card is just as eager to be swiped as you are to update that dusty wardrobe. Here are the Top 10 fashion must-haves for this fall season.

 Leather Pants

Yes, the classic leather pants have made their comeback once again. Thanks to top models such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, these pants have found their way into trendy stores for the fall season. (Links to an external site.) Sporting a looser, straight leg fit, the trousers make any outfit instantly Instagram worthy.

 Tennis Skirts

Whether you like the preppy schoolgirl look or sporty attire, tennis skirts are a must-have. Recently repopularized by teen girls on Tik-Tok, tennis skirts can be found in any color both solid and plaid. The skirt adds volume and fun to what could be a rather boring outfit.

 Cropped Cardigans

With the weather getting colder, these easy to wear and pair cropped cardigans are a must. Seen on the runway as Chanel modernizes their classic jacket look, as well as Chanel’s global ambassador and BLACKPINK member, Jennie Kim, sporting cropped cardigans (Links to an external site.) of every color and pattern.

 Shoulder Bags

A staple for the perfect Y2K closet, this mini bag has returned as the perfect accessory for any outfit. The Prada Nylon Mini Bag (Links to an external site.) and the iconic Louis Vuitton Pochette (Links to an external site.) have made appearances in many paparazzi pictures, while more affordable options are available at any trendy store.

 Oversized Blazers

Proven to be a favorite among the new generation it girls, Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber, these oversized blazers give an instant ‘model-off-duty’ vibe to any outfit. From luxury designers to online boutiques to thrift stores, you’re able to pick up the perfect oversized blazer in any color or pattern (Links to an external site.) to top off any chic outfit. (Links to an external site.) 

 See-through Tops

Mesh and see-through tops have been everywhere these past couple of months, it’s no wonder why this look is going to be so popular this fall. Just one scroll through your Tik-Tok for you page and you will definitely see at least one teen adoring the style. Popularly sold with vintage-looking graphics or incorporated in a patchwork look, a mesh top can spice up any outfit.

 Leather Jackets

No, not the classic moto jacket, instead we’ve opted for a much straighter and oversized fit resembling a blazer or trench coat. Seen on Lily-Rose Depp and almost every Instagram model ever, a leather jacket can be paired with anything. Adding edginess and chicness, any basic look can be brought to life with this piece.


Brown. A color many refuse to wear, even during fall. With autumn being the perfect season to wear darker colors, brown has always been left out, until now. On the runway, social media, and in stores (Links to an external site.) you can see brown everything, many even sporting a monochromatic ensemble. Brown is easily pairable to achieve the much desired minimalist and model-off-duty look.


One thing you probably wore all through quarantine is actually considered a trend right now, crewnecks. (Links to an external site.) These comfy and warm sweatshirts serve function and fashion. Worn usually with a collared shirt underneath, any bottoms and shoes can be worn for an outfit to be instantly fashionable.


Though the world seems to be resuming, the pandemic that has lasted until now is still out there. As the weather gets colder it is easier to become sick. Wearing a mask is the best way to protect yourself and others. It does not have to be a surgical mask either. Many stores and boutiques have made cute and trendy face masks to match any outfit, and not only that, face masks have been seen on almost every runway (Links to an external site.).