Get in the Christmas spirit with these movies!


This Christmas Classic should be at the top of your watch list.

Tyre Brown

More than anything right now, we hear that we need to stay inside to help avoid COVID-19. During these unusual times, we need to escape from the whole pandemic and get lost in a magical setting. With the holidays right around the corner, here is a list of movies to watch to get you in the spirit.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The 2000 live action How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a remarkable movie about how the holiday hating Grinch, a grumpy and recluse being, steals all the Whos presents and decorations in hopes of ruining their holidays. But he and the Whos soon come to realize that the true meaning of the holiday spirit is in their hearts and not the decorations. The live action is better than the cartoon because it’s much longer and stars Jim Carrey as the Grinch. He’s perfect for the role.

The Santa Clause

After accidentally killing Santa, Scott, a divorced dad with shared custody of his son, is transported to a magical world at the North Pole. There an elf explains that since he killed Santa he has to take his place. Scott is a businessman who doesn’t have time to be bothered with any of this. Through the process of becoming Santa his heart grows larger and he realizes the importance of family. Even though this movie is older, it was successful enough to inspire a second and third part. It also showcases the talents of Tim Allen who was a popular 90s comedian.


This family comedy follows Buddy, who was transported to the North Pole as a kid by an unknowing Santa and raised by elves, around New York City as he looks for his biological father. The worst thing he finds out is his dad is on the naughty list. After a DNA test proves to his dad that Buddy really is his son, he forms a relationship with the childlike Buddy. This movie stars comedy genius Will Ferrell in one of his funniest films.

Home Alone

Even though you might have seen Home Alone multiple times, watching it is a tradition.  The plot follows Kevin Mcallister, 8, who wishes for his family to disappear and is suddenly left at home alone. While being thrilled to have his whole house to himself, he is unaware of the danger that is soon to be in his home. A pair of burglars, Harry and Marv, have stolen from many of the houses in the neighborhood already and now have their eyes set on Kevin’s house. It is now his responsibility to defend his home. If you feel you know the words to Part 1, make sure to watch Part 2 as many feel it’s better. However, stay away from anything after 3. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

If Halloween was your favorite holiday and you just can’t seem to say goodbye, then you’re in luck. In this scary tale, Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, lives in Halloweentown where it’s spooky every day.  He grows bored of doing the same thing every day and wanders into the forest one day to find big tall trees containing his solution. Every door is labeled with something to represent each holiday, and he makes his way inside the one marked with a Christmas tree. Only to discover a world he’s never seen before, and now wants to be a part of. He tries to bring Christmas into Halloweentown but the two holidays don’t seem to mix well.

If you can’t find the above on streaming services or television, find the channel Freeform and watch their 25 Days of Christmas programming which features constant holiday cheer. You will be humming carols and craving hot chocolate all day.