Akarii: Fun for All


Rian Sanders, Staff Writer

A new sushi place has come to Mansfield: Akarii Revolving Sushi on Broad Street. The concept is pretty true to its name: a place where the sushi revolves around you. When you go to Akarii, you’re greeted by smiling faces and quickly seated. A waiter explains to you the use of the belt that carries the tiny plates of sushi around the booths and the purpose of the iPad mounted at the end of your table. After that, you eat.

As the sushi revolved around me and my two companions from the skate park, we learned that each plate is about $3. I personally do not like sushi, but I decided to give it a try. I mean, the place wasn’t as dark and sketchy as all other sushi places I’ve been to, so I might as well give it its own chance. So, I ordered a Sprite and grabbed a salmon sushi plate.

The sushi I tried was okay. It was like any other sushi I’ve tried: nasty. So, I just ordered ramen. To be specific, I ordered a bowl of Tonkotsu for the first time in my life. This ramen has larger noodles than what we’re used to in the packages and has a boiled egg and pork bone marrow. Me, not knowing how to use chopsticks properly, began eating it with the broth spoon.

The noodles themselves were really good and the atmosphere was perfect for the situation I was in. Eating something new for the first time with a staff that was nice and not overly pushy made for an experience that I would definitely like to encounter again. I knew proper ramen was way different than sitting in my sweatpants and drooling over a pot of boiling water, but I underestimated it big time. This ramen was the best ramen I’ve ever had and the edamame my friend ordered was actually pretty good. My friends liked their meals, even though I don’t know what he ordered. One of them did eat about six plates of sushi, ramen, and edamame, while the other one just got two plates of sushi and ramen. We all had a good time, and the skate session after wrapped up the day perfectly.