Senior Field Day Tomorrow

Daja Dansby, Editor

In an attempt to create a lasting memory for students, the senior class will have a field day tomorrow from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., on the football field.

“My hopes are that we get enough people to come out and enjoy one last time to have fun before we walk the stage,” senior Jaxon Rollins said. “I’m hoping that they will remember this and take it with them when they graduate.”

The field day will consist of three-legged and relay races, an obstacle course, tug of war and a dodgeball tournament.

“When you go to the elementary intermediate schools and see those kids, they’re playing,” Coach Robert Johnson said. “That’s what we want to see here. We want to see them play, we want to see the looks on their faces, the joy, the laughter.”

Although Johnson guided the seniors throughout their planning, the project was thought of and executed by the students.

“I want the seniors to take charge,” he said. “I want responsibility on them because you learn when you do and if someone else (does) it for you, you’re not learning. I’m trying to guide and steer and allow them to make it happen.

Senior Sunbola Adesanya also contributed to the planning of field day.

“(Field day) is something the senior officers and I have been talking about since the first semester,” Adesanya said. “It was good to see that were able to make our plan come true.”

Participation is open to all classes. It costs $5 to participate and $3 to watch.

Rollins said, “(Opening the event to all grades) will create a more interesting day and competition for everyone.”

With prom and college on their minds, Johnson said that many seniors are stressed right now.

“People talk about parties and that’s overrate,” he said. “But when you can come out and have a field day, that can be real. It’s going to be amazing and just a fun time with each other. Laughter cures the soul, so you want to laugh and smile as much as possible.”