NHS Sponsor Introduces Financial Program for Members

Harrison Le

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To teach future commercial success and fiscal stability, the first class of an afterschool program for National Honor Society (NHS) students was on Oct. 24.

“The goal is to teach financial responsibility so when they graduate from college they know how to invest their money and save for retirement more than what the average American does,” NHS sponsor Erica Marburger said. “It allows them (students) to be able to grow their (understanding) of money.”

The program is exclusive to current NHS members.

“(The class) is really informative and gives an early knowledge that prepares us for our entire future,” junior Tyler Lee said. “It’s a good head start and an eye-opener. A lot of people don’t know this stuff, but you can now be prepared for when you have to face it.”

Marburger has been teaching a commerce class for many years outside of school.

“My husband and I lead a financial university class that runs through our church,” she said. “We have lead it for 10 years so it’s something I do in my personal life.”

Junior Sunbola Adesanya attended the session.

“It is an important class to partake in,” he said. “These classes are important because they provide us with the opportunity to possibly become millionaires in the future.”

Marburger said she doesn’t want students to go into life unprepared.

“We see couples that are 58-59 years old and have nothing saved for retirement,”she said. “There are just so many adults in so much debt (who) don’t know how to save.”

Adesanya plans to take advantage of the financial advice.

“People showed up so that in the future they will be able to be financially stable and possibly enjoy life as a millionaire,” he said. “These classes will help give me and others knowledge on how to be (successful) which is always important.”