Fall Art Camp Provides Volunteer Oppurtunity

Jakob Hazen

Daja Dansby, Staff Writer

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To raise funds and encourage volunteering in the community, art teacher Dallas Williams hosted the school’s annual Fall Art Camp on Oct. 21.

“I find it gratifying to see the outreach,” Williams said. “It’s about developing relationships. The art is a bonus.”

The funds go toward supplies and field trips.

“We made a good amount of money,” Williams said. “The community event grew so much that there was no way that we could stop it at that point.”

Kindergarteners to sixth graders were invited to come and do a series of arts and crafts.

“Every time I go, I see the kids so excited for the projects,” senior Alex Hoben said. “You can see it in their faces that they’re really enjoying it.”

Williams plans different projects for the children every camp.

“They like the arts and crafts and they go home really excited about what they do,” she said. “I try to make sure that the projects are sustainable so there’s a variety of projects that will last from year to year.”

Hoben has been volunteering for the art camp since her freshman year.

“I saw it as a way for me to get more integrated in the community,” she said. “(Camp) really helped me open up, and when I learned that it was about getting kids into art I got really happy.”

This was freshman Jasmine Campbell’s first year volunteering.

“It was an amazing experience because it was the first time that I was on the other side,” she said. “It was me helping a child rather than someone helping me. It means a lot that I was able to do that.”

Campbell plans to attend next year.

“I would have never learned art if there wasn’t anyone there to tell me that I’m really good and that I should pursue it,” she said. “We constantly provided support so in the future at least one of them will grow up to be a great artist.”