Shoe Drive Helps Small Business Owners


Anh Trinh, Editor

To help small-businesses in different areas of the world, teacher Murray Sombrio is hosting a shoe donation drive so that the owners can sell them at a lower cost.

“A couple of years ago I (joined) an organization called Good Shepard International where I go to different countries (to) train pastors and church leaders on the Bible,” Sombrio said. “We joined forces with to collect the shoes to give to the micro business owners.”

The drive is open until Feb. 28.

“The shoes are a start,” he said. “I want to eventually provide clothing and other items as well. Our goal is to provide inventory so people can set up (shop) in their own countries and make money for themselves and their families.”

Gently used shoes including numerous styles for all genders and ages will be accepted.

“This shoe drive is an incredible idea,” teacher Siddharth Chatterjee said. “It allows everyone to help those less fortunate than us.”

Business owners in Africa, India and Haiti will be receiving the shoes.

“I was cleaning out my closet, so I thought his (Sombrio’s) shoe drive would be a good place to take my unused shoes that I had not used in over a year,” teacher Amy Neal said. “If you have an opportunity to help others, you should. You never know how much a kind gesture, even if it seems small to you, can impact someone else.