Influx of Juniors Transfer to Senior Class

Vanessa Zuleta

Kayla Pham and Harrison Le

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An increased number of juniors have transferred into the 12th grade in order to graduate early.

“Moving into the senior class enables me to strive harder because as time gets closer to the end of high school, a new journey’s coming closer: college,” junior Dylan Bui said. “It motivates me to mature mentally and physically because it’s a whole new environment and I don’t want to be left behind.”

According to Bui, the transfer, although aimed at students looking to get started on their careers a year earlier, has also opened a sense of independence for the advancing students.

“The main benefit of moving up for me is freedom,” Bui said. “(This) is my last year of high school and it should be the best one yet. The first two years of my high school so far have been a constant loop of waking up too early, enduring (long) classes, loads of homework and little sleep. Although it sounds rough and hard, it’s was part of (my) amazing high school experience.”

There is, however, an inherent risk in moving up classes according to Counselor Charles Breen.

“They just want to graduate early,” he said. “They take summer classes and come into their junior year with 19 credits but if they don’t know what they want to do in the future, it’s questionable. Some don’t have a plan and just want to graduate a year ahead of everyone.”

These new seniors have now had their grade point averages (GPA’s) implemented into the class of 2019’s ranking system, which shifted pre-standing positions.

“My motivation is to improve in my academics and be rewarded by getting into my top colleges,” junior Temitayo Aderounmu said.

For junior Hami Tran, the choice was a straightforward one.

“I want to pursue a medical career, which results in extensive schooling beyond high school,” she said. “Graduating early gives me an opportunity to shorten those years. A year may not seem like a lot, but it will help me out immensely in the long run.”

The move will have former juniors graduate with the seniors in the class of 2019 ceremony.

“New experiences of college will help me grow as a person,” Tran said. “but I do hate missing out on a year with my friends and extracurricular activities that I loved doing.”

Bui said he is nervous about taking another step into starting his adult life.

“The negative of moving up is growing up,” he said. “There’s more to worry about in the future and there will be no more room for play time. My future depends on everything I decide to do, so I have to be careful. Life is like a game to be played and hopefully, I’ll win.”

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