Closing Ceremony Exceeds Goal

Anh Trinh, Staff Writer

After six days of fundraising, Helping Others Through Giving (HOG) Week came to a close on April 7 in the varsity gym. The school raised $19,640 for Tarrant County 5-Stones Task Force, Cook Children’s “Sit… Stay… Play” Therapy Dog Program and for research and awareness to Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

“It was about giving to those who are less fortunate,” sophomore Abel Macias said. “Even though many of us may not have much to give, we are all one. When we connect, we can make big things happen.”

The Closing Ceremony included dances prepared by each class, Cinderfella talents and competitions to raise money.

“As a powderpuff cheerleader, being able to hang out with people who are like family was so great,” Macias said. “It’s really fun to learn a dance, perform it and bring a smile to people’s faces.”

Senior Hannah Patterson said she wasn’t expecting to exceed the goal of $18,000 in donations.

“All year participation has been low and we were supporting three organizations (so) I was really anxious about it all coming together,” she said. “We prayed daily and knew that God would always make way and he did.”

Junior Johnny Huynh said he didn’t go to the pep rallies but he still donated.

“HOG Week is a completely messy week but it brings people together for a cause and it brings out friendly rivalries between the classes,” he said.
Macias said he is already excited for the next year’s HOG Week.

“To those thinking about going next year, you should definitely go,” he said. “I say go broke or go home.”