Learning with LEGO

During Lunch, Janeen Abdellatif (10) plays legos in the library.

Vanessa Zuleta

During Lunch, Janeen Abdellatif (10) plays legos in the library.

Anh Trinh, Staff Writer

Because Librarian Jennifer Rike received a grant from Mouser Electronics through the MISD Education Foundation, she purchased LEGO bricks so teachers can now check them out from the library to teach students in subjects such as math.

“Part of the reason we got it (the grant) is because one of the skills students need is creative problem solving,” Rike said. “Mouser wants to be able to hire people to come work for their company (with these skills).”

The library received $4,990 to pay for the materials.

“Mouser donates money to the Education Foundation and with that they periodically choose (which) grant they want to receive their money and they chose the LEGO grant,” Rike said.

All area high schools received the blocks.

“This (grant included) all the high school librarians but I came up with the idea and together we all developed the grant,” Rike said.

Portable LEGO tables, regular building blocks and the Edgerton LEGO Chemistry kit are some of the available pieces.

“The array of sets and pieces the library offers are pretty cool considering they are Legos,” sophomore Jessica Truong said.

Rike said the blocks have been used for classroom activities.

“Mr. (Robert) Johnson checked the (LEGO sets) out and did problem solving,” she said. “The (class) had to learn teamwork and do problem solving. Those are good skills needed in college and work.”

Truong said she wants her teachers to utilize the opportunity to add Legos to the curriculum.

“I haven’t used Legos since elementary school,” Truong said. “I think it’d be great to use them in class now because it’s new and different. It takes away the boring element of learning.”

Some students haven’t heard about the bricks at all.

“I didn’t even know that the school added Legos,” sophomore Tyler Bollinger said. “I knew there was already some in the library and I’ve seen some people around there during lunch but it’s cool that they let teachers take them too. Maybe now my classes won’t be as boring.”