ALS Bracelets Show Support for Coach

During class, Jaryanna Ward,12, wears her cancer support bracelet.

Vanessa Zuleta

During class, Jaryanna Ward,12, wears her cancer support bracelet.

Megan Guevara, Staff Writer

In order to show support for Coach Kit Martin’s husband, Mike Martin, who is battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), the basketball staff is selling bracelets to spread awareness.

“I was humbled and honored that my basketball team decided to buy and wear ALS awareness bracelets this fall,”  Martin said. “It is a show of unity and support that is priceless to my husband Mike and me.”

Basketball Coach Jeannette Mitchell said she wanted the team to come together to encourage Martin.

“I got them for our basketball kids to show support for Kit and her husband without having to say anything,” she said.

The blue and white bracelets, which are engraved with the words, “faith hope love,” cost $1.

“Everyone has to have a deep belief in something to get them through the day no matter what they’re going through,” Mitchell said.

Sophomore Lyndsey DeWitt said if everyone spreads positivity, anything is possible.

“Faith is to trust in God, that he will see you through,” she said. “Hope is for keep pushing through and love is that we are all one. We love her and her husband like family.”

Bracelets can be purchased in Room 2117.

“If everybody is wearing them, then most likely people are going to want to know why everybody has them,” sophomore N’Denasija Collins said. “If we get more (people) to wear them, then it spreads awareness all around.”

The bracelets are simple yet effective, Dewitt said.

“Coach Martin is one of the best coaches,” she said. “Wearing (the) bracelets is to pay our respects and encourage her.”

Martin said she appreciates all that everyone has done for her and her family.

“The outpouring of support from the faculty and staff here has been so tremendous and so invaluable to me,” she said. “We have had so many prayers said, meals brought to the house, and help given in so many ways that I can’t imagine making it without those who have given so much to us.”

The bracelets are being worn on arms, ankles, lanyards and even used as pony tail holders.

Mitchell said, “It’s really just to show that anywhere Coach Martin goes Timberview will have her back.”