Border Brawl Against Bixby Friday


Martin Gomez, Staff Writer

To begin the season, the Varsity football team is going up against the Bixby Spartans on Friday, in what is known as the “Border Brawl.”

“The players can’t wait to get back on the field,” Head Coach James Brown said. “This is a special group of players and we are looking forward to some exciting things.”

Border Brawl, which began last year, gets its name from the annual meeting between high schools in the district going up against Oklahoma schools.

“It’s exactly what it sounds like, a competition between Texas and Oklahoma,” Coach Gysamuell Humes said.

After two experienced players were injured in practice, the team’s plans for the game were altered.

“With only a few days before the game, this definitely changes how we approach Bixby,” Humes said. “We’ve always taken precaution with teaching all the players the same strategies, so we just have to implement them into the plan now.”

The game will be at R.L. Anderson Stadium, after being played in Oklahoma last year.

Brown said, “We are looking forward to seeing the Wolfpack represent and dominate the competition.”