Varsity Volleyball Wins Against Crowley

Martin Gomez, Staff Writer

With a score of 3 to 1, Varsity Volleyball won against the Crowley Eagles last Friday night, making it their second win in a row.

“We had a really good defense,” junior Madison Meyer said. “We did a good job of not letting it get to our heads and focusing on our mistakes. This was definitely a big win.”

Although the team lost the first set, they ended up winning the game.

“We made too many mistakes (in the first set),” Coach Judith McGill said.  “Once we calmed down and stopped making so many mistakes, we ended up doing okay. We made a couple of adjustments on defense, but other than that, we just played more fundamental volleyball.”

The win brings the team closer to making it to the playoffs.

“It gave me and my team a great confidence boost,” senior Reagin Williams said. “We’ve worked so hard, we deserve to go. We take everything one game at a time.”

The girls had to play without their middle blocker.

“She’s been pretty instrumental in getting to where we’re at right now,” McGill said. “It’s been difficult on the aspect of just not having her on the court. Other kids have stepped up and done a great job of making plays for us. It shows the growth, mentally and maturity wise, the girls have throughout the season.”

There are only five games left in the season until playoffs.

“Mathematically we’re not in it (playoffs), so we’re not celebrating anything right now,” McGill said. “It just opened a door for us to get in. We’d like to win and try to get up in the (standings).”