12 Days of Christmas Spirit Week Returns

Anh Trinh , Editor

The 12 Days of Christmas starts this week, so dress up to show school spirit. Below is a list of what to wear on each day.

  • 11/29: On “Two Turtle Doves” Day, wear matching outfits with a friend.
  • 11/30: On the “Ghost of Christmas Past” Day, dress up like you’re living in the 90s.
  • 12/3: On “Mistletoes” Day, mix it up with some wacky socks.
  • 12/4: On “Tree Toppers,” take advantage of this spirit day by wearing your choice of hats.
  • 12/5: On “Christmas Card” Day, sport your ugliest holiday sweater.
  • 12/6: On “Christmas Spirit” Day, go crazy with Christmas colors and surround yourself in red and green.
  • 12/7: On “Beary Christmas” Day, bring your favorite stuffed animal to school.
  • 12/10: On this day, mix and match Christmas patterns and prints however you like.
  • 12/11: On “Winter Wonderland” Day, white out your outfit.
  • 12/12: On “Baby it’s Cold Outside” Day, warm up with winter clothes and gear.
  • 12/13: On “Light up the Tree” Day, be the brightest student in school with neon clothes.
  • 12/14: On “Christmas Morning” Day, relax at school in your most comfortable pajamas.