Student Council Hosts Election for Officer Positions

Kayla Phan, Staff Writer

In order to pick new officers, Student Council is holding elections for the 2018-2019 school year today.

“It allows students to have a voice and vote,” Student Council sponsor Heather Colburn said. “We try our best to mimic real world elections and allow students to express their views and ideas in a secure setting.”

Voting will take place during at all lunches in the 1300 computer lab.

“This is our fall election, which means our incoming freshmen are running for office as well as all positions left open during spring last year,” Student Body President Dejardin Moffet said. “We have had some amazing, hard working freshmen who we can already tell are willing to put in the effort to make an impact.”

Voting posters were posted throughout the school encouraging students to participate.

“It causes you to reach out to people you don’t normally hang out with and ask for a vote,” Colburn said. “You see ads and really you have so many opportunities to promote and it’s fun to see how creative people can get.”

Freshman Amy Ha is running for  the Vice President position.

“I believe my goal would be to provide insight as a second opinion,” she said. “As well as become an advocate for the freshmen class.”