All Exams to Take Place Before Winter Break

Paulina Zuleta, Editor-in-Chief

TBecause the district wanted to end the semester before winter break, students will take all exams this week.

“There are a lot of changes in the exam schedule from last year and some are good and some are bad,” English I Teacher Heather Hogue said. “It’s good that the review  and exam days are back-to-back. The main problem is we’re trying to do a lot before the break and that makes some students stressed out.”

Last year, core class exams were before break and electives were in January.

“One thing I do like about the scheduling is that we’re able to take all our tests before the break,” junior Zein Abubaker said. “We don’t have to worry about them after it (break).”

Today is a regular B-Day but the rest of the week will follow A-Day, A-Day, B-Day, B-Day, with one day for review and another for taking the exam.

“To have students sit for an hour and a half taking a test gets really long,” Hogue said. “But it’ll be nice to not have to break tests into two days.”

Students have up to an hour and 30 minutes to test.

“Last year many teachers broke their exams into one multiple choice and one writing part,” Hogue said. “That
put a lot of pressure on students because they couldn’t get finished in one day.”

Dual credit classes will take their final exams Wednesday and Friday during regular class time.

“I only have three exams to take,” senior Krystal Gbadegesin said. “It really doesn’t bother me because I’d rather take them all in one day and get them done.”

In BC Calculus, students will take a practice test for their AP exam in the spring.

“Being able to practice is essential to doing well on them (AP exams),” senior Moses Eboh said. “I’m not a big fan of block scheduling but this well help prepare me for May.”

Hogue said that the exam schedule prepares students for the future.

“Giving it all in one day makes it seem more like college,” she said. “You don’t have multiple days to take the exam, you only have one three-hour exam. To me doing it like this makes it seem more realistic.”