Teachers Receive New Computers


Vanessa Zuleta

Megan Guevara, Staff Writer

In an effort to solve teacher’s technical difficulties in their classroom, new desktop computers were distributed on Sept. 19-22.

“I’m happy we finally have new ones (computers),” teacher Lindsay Matthews said “I use my desktop for all my PowerPoints and notes.”

The deployment of the new desktops and document cameras was led by Delcom, a company who sells technology to the district, and by Campus Support Technician Willians Bonilla.

“I don’t think (I’m) going to be able to do anything differently with this computer other than (it’s) more reliable,” Matthews said.

The old HP 6000 desktops were upgraded to a whole new HP Pro 400 G3 setup and the old document cameras were also replaced with the HoverCam Solo 8.

“It’s always nice to have updated technology because with ever-changing software sometimes you need (new) hardware,” teacher Alexandra Reid said.

The seven-year-old desktops ran on Windows 7 and did not have enough memory to take in Windows 10.

“Frequent crashes and slow start and run times have made my (previous) computer harder to use on a regular basis,” teacher Priscilla Blanton said.

“I am grateful we are receiving this upgrade early in the year.”

Teachers backed up their computers the week before they were set-up in the classrooms.

“I’ll probably spend a little bit more time grading here than oppose to grading at home where I have my laptop,” Reid said.

Computer labs and library desktops were set up after teachers and administrators.

“Since I am a language teacher, I need to present audio and video media,” Blanton said. “The new machine will not change the way I teach but I can be more confident that my technology will function during my lessons.”

The library, which was used as a set-up area, was closed for a few days.

“My new computer is very user-friendly and syncs with Outlook 365 better than the old one,” she said. “Being able to view four windows on one screen at once is very convenient when planning and grading.”