Senior negative for COVID-19 after exposure from mother

Senior Yasmine Munoz tests  for COVID-19.

Senior Yasmine Munoz tests for COVID-19.

Natalie Velasquez

When senior Yasmine Munoz got news of her mother’s COVID-19 test coming back positive on Aug, 3, she was immediately concerned.

“I was really shocked and kinda scared because my mom works in health care at a hospice company,” Munoz said. “Even though she doesn’t go out in the field often, she still got Coronavirus. She doesn’t know where she got it.” 

Munoz was anxious about her and her family’s health.

“I was really worried because even though I wasn’t showing symptoms, the fact I could’ve been asymptomatic was scary,” Munoz said. “My dad and my grandma, who lives with us, weren’t showing symptoms so in a way, it assured me that I was fine even though there was a high chance I would have it.” 

She works 20-hours a week at a fast food restaurant so immediately informed her boss about the situation.

“Surprisingly my boss wasn’t really worried,” Munoz said. “I told her about my dad and grandma testing negative and she told me I would be fine but to let her know as soon as possible when I got my results back.”

Munoz, who wanted to find out if she had COVID-19 to keep the people around her protected, tested negative.

“I wanted to be safe for everyone,” she said. “I was working and also had seen my friends for a small going away sleepover the week before so I needed to know.” 

The family had to adjust their normal routines to be more careful.

“My mom tried her best to wear her mask when she was in the same room or she would just stay in her room,” Munoz said. “I’m normally very touchy with my mom, I like hugging her and just holding her hand or sitting on her lap, but I had to stop doing that and that was really hard.”

Her mother had to take several tests before coming up negative.

“She actually did another blood test and it said she was still positive,” Munoz said. “She waited another week to go back for another nose and blood test, which came back negative so she went back to work and is doing fine now.”