Garrett Fired McCarthy Hired


Martin Gomez, Staff Writer

Although they won their last game of the season, the Dallas Cowboys were knocked out of the playoffs by the Philadelphia Eagles that same day. The season was officially over. There was hope all throughout the season to be playoff contenders but ultimately, coaching woes prevented that from becoming a reality. In the aftermath of what is considered to be a disappointing season for the Cowboys, the team decided to part ways with Head Coach Jason Garrett on Jan. 5, after 10 seasons.

The decision comes after the Cowboys failed to reach the playoffs for the seventh time in the past decade. For America’s Team, the goal is always to win it all, so not being able to do so puts not only the fans, but also the front office on edge. Owner Jerry Jones always backed Garrett up and had faith in him in securing a title for the franchise. After expectations were once again not met for this past season, Jones decided to take action, pleasing the fans, and change things up.

Garrett, like many coaches, had his flaws, but he did not do much to change them. One of his styles of coaching that fans were most critical of was his game management. His failure to adjust the team as the game went on was one of his worst flaws. His record, when losing at half-time this season, accounted for all eight of the team’s losses.

Only a day later, the team decided to take a chance on Mike McCarthy and sign him to a five-year deal.

McCarthy last coached for the Greenbay Packers from 2006-2018. His tenure came to an end in the middle of the 2018 season, after missing the playoffs in ‘17 and starting the ‘18 season 4-7-1. Even with a frustrating season and a half, he ended his Packer career with an overall record of 125-77 with nine seasons of playoffs, one concluding in a Superbowl win.

McCarthy’s presence should bring a new perspective that will help the team massively. Having coached Aaron Rodgers during his beginnings and his prime, he is sure to have a positive impact on shaping Dak Prescott. Many of the fans’ concerns revolved around Prescott’s capability of helping the Cowboys reach their maximum potential. Not only will he help the development of Prescott, but his track record in the playoffs will surely help in area that’s been lacking for quite a while.

To the delight of many fans, the Cowboys have a new face at the forefront of their coaching staff. McCarthy brings a new perspective to a franchise that hasn’t seen a Superbowl appearance since 1995. With his guidance and playstyle, the sky’s the limit on their potential of success.