What You Just Don’t Know: Tai Soloth-Satchell


Rian Sanders

While few wish to be twisted and held in an arm bar after school or want to put somebody else in one, junior Tai Soloth-Satchell loves both.

As an aspiring UFC fighter, Soloth-Satchell practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu almost every day to reach his goal.

“I started last January and everyone says I’m ahead of my game,” he said. “I just saw the moves in the UFC and thought it was interesting.”

He trains at Alvarez Brazillian Jiu Jitsu gym in Arlington and has three gold medals, from Texas Fight Club, under his belt.

“I compete again in December,” he said. “I plan on winning the world championship, which is one of the biggest tournaments, in about a year or two.”

Soloth-Satchell’s biggest goal right now is to travel to Las Vegas and California with his competitions.

“I stopped getting nervous because all it does it make me overthink,” he said. “Whether I win or lose, I still feel confident. Either way, you still learn from each fight.”