What You Just Don’t Know: Cale Counts


Mckenzie Martinez, Staff Writer

The strumming of a guitar. Speakers blaring out audio. A day full of tired hands and work. This is the life that senior Cale Counts plays out. As an aspiring musician, Counts does it all to move up and progress his music through Instagram videos with his band.

“My very first cover that I uploaded was ‘Die die my darling,’ a Misfits song covered by Metallica,” Counts said. “If I am going to learn, I want to show it off and what I am playing. I like being able to see myself progress, I can see I have gotten better and it makes me happy to see that.”

Through playing Guitar Hero, Counts was inspired to learn guitar and take playing music as a hobby.

“I didn’t want to play a fake guitar anymore,” he said. “My parents bought me a guitar and I had to teach myself guitar, I watched YouTube videos and practice everyday. I have now been playing for 3 and a half years.”

Counts started to put his hobby into action by being in the Timberview Rock Band in his sophomore and junior years and helped start his own band with friends called Midway Breakaway. He posts guitar covers of musicians from Avenged Sevenfold to Pat Benatar.

“My favorite thing is starting off and being able to play the songs I listen to,” he said. “It drives me to make music of my own and feels like such an accomplishment.”

Midway Breakaway plan on doing future gigs and Counts intends on posting more cover videos on his Instagram, Zoso.21.02 to further his passion and learn.

“Music means everything to me, it’s my passion,” he said. “I just feel so happy to be playing with my friend and having a great time.”