New IOS Update Improves Messages

Anh Trinh, Staff Writer

After waiting for months, Apple fans can now get their hands on the new and highly-anticipated IOS 10 software update.

The update loaded with new functions and easier accessibility, has been downloaded over a million times. Its new features include a reimagined lock screen, an innovative text messaging system and a smarter Siri.

When first opening your phone, after the IOS 10 update, you will immediately notice changes. You can now access the camera by swiping left rather than swiping up. Also, instead of the familiar “swipe to unlock” at the bottom, you are now asked to press the home button to unlock your device. This creates a design that allows you to easily utilize the 3D touch. At first this change was hard to adapt to because of the familiarity of swiping right to unlock but eventually this addition made sense because it pairs so well with touch ID.

As you continue to use the software you’ll notice more changes. Imessage, for example, now has many features similar to other messaging platforms such as Snapchat. Imessage now includes third-party apps, larger emoji, doodling, display animations and hand written texts. This is one of the best new things added to devices because it adds excitement to boring regular conversations.

IOS 10 has implemented a new theme as well. Throughout the update you can see grey rounded boxes and light grey is added to the device layout. The control center is noticeably altered to fit the theme. Apple has added more menus when you swipe the control center up. This gives quick access to music and apps. This design is cleaner, neater and more productive.

Apple also included a new app that controls your house with a quick press of a button. Known as the Home app, it uses Homekit accessories to turn on and off lights, unlock doors and more. This app is great if you already have the Homekit but most of us don’t.  A system costs around $250 to set up in your home. For the middle class citizen, this is extra money wasted considering you can manually do the task yourself.

The initial release of IOS 10 had significant problems. Users were locked out of phones, devices crashed, batteries were draining faster and Bluetooth was not responding. Now that Apple released IOS 10 beta 2, many of the problems were resolved. Overall, this update is mediocre. It is innovative but sometimes it can feel unfinished. With some smaller tweaks in the future, IOS 10 can start paving the way for more consumer-friendly products.