Alumni Returns to Teach

Alina Anwar, Writer

High school: two words that people either love or hate.

Few would ever consider going back, but for football coach and Algebra I teacher Michael Peschka, it wasn’t even a question. With memories of helping with theatre plays and running on to the football field on game day, he knew he would be back.

The school is welcoming its first alumni to staff.

“It feels pretty cool,” he said. “I didn’t know until I was told a couple of days before school that I was the only alumni on the staff. It makes me think about how young the school is.”

While in college, Peschka said he struggled with what was coming next in his life.

“I always wanted to teach and coach but for some reason, for this last semester (of college) I got cold feet.” he said. “Everybody has their doubts. I came back home one weekend and I didn’t know if I wanted to teach anymore.”

It wasn’t until he saw the school again that Peschka knew it was where he was supposed to be.

“I drove back home from Commerce and the funny thing is, I had to drive right past Timberview,” he said. “As I drove by I got this feeling, a reassurance that this is the feeling I’m supposed to have, this was my sign to come back.”

At first, Peschka said it was weird for him to be on the other side as a teacher but eventually everything came into place.

“It was a little awkward at first,” he said. “But (the rest of the staff) made the transition easy from being their student to now being their colleague.’’

One of the first people that Peschka saw when he came back was his former math teacher Erica Marburger.

“I saw him on the first day of in service for teachers,” Marburger said. “I ran up to him and we gave each other a hug because he was one of my favorite students.”

Peschka said that Marburger was the reason he wanted to become a math teacher.

“I had her for a couple of years and she made math really easy and fun,’’ he said.

Once a player on the football team, Peschka now coaches freshmen and the offensive line.

“I’ve learned the game at a higher level,” he said. “I’ve learned new skills and techniques. I believe that I can help the football team become better players for the season.”

Peschka said his desire to become a coach was thanks to his teachers in middle school.

‘’My 7th grade teacher Detrion Taylor really changed my life in a positive way,” he said.  “He’s the one who got me to join the football team and who made me want to be better. From there, I had Coach James Williams who took me under his wing and mentored me.”

Junior Triston McDonald said that Peschka helped the team improve.

“Our O-line was good when he wasn’t here but after he came they became a lot better.” he said.

McDonald said that Peschka affects his life outside of athletics too.

“He’s made me do more,” McDonald said. “I don’t accept average anymore.”

Peschka said he is glad he made the decision to return.

“I wanted this to be the first place I worked,” he said. “I had a great experience in high school and I knew if I came back and worked here, I would have a great experience again.’’