What You Just Don’t Know: Chloe Williams


Daja Dansby, editor

When junior Chloe Williams got the part of Tracy Turnblad in the school’s production of Hairspray, she never thought that she’d one day work with a star of the live movie.

Even when she walked into her latest audition, the idea was still farfetched. That is, until, it wasn’t. As a part of the Kristin Chenoweth and Students show, Williams performed a solo with the star on Nov. 2, at the Mansfield ISD Center for Performing Arts.

“I went into the audition and sang in front of some district officials,” Williams said. “A couple of days later we found out that we got in and the theater teacher (Melissa Danforth) pulled me aside and told that they wanted me to sing my audition song in the show.”

Williams’ solo, “I Didn’t Plan It,” was from the musical Waitress.

“I went to the first rehearsal and one of the directors asked me if I would like to sing in the song and of course I wanted to,” she said. “I was proud of myself.”

Before performing, Williams, along with other MISD students, were able to get to know more about the star.

“When she came into the room, we couldn’t even see her because she was so small,” she said. “She was so fun to be around. We got to have a Q and A session and ask her questions.”

Along with her solo, Williams also performed two other songs with Chenoweth.

“We all sang with her for her last two songs,” she said. “She asked us if we wanted to sing her encore with her which was ‘I Will Always Love You.’ She hugged us and one of my friends was crying and (Chenoweth) had to wipe her tears away.”

Williams was the only current high schooler to perform a solo.

“All the other solos were alumni from past years, so to perform as a current high schooler, I had to prove that I needed to be there,” she said. “I was able to show off my voice and talent to everyone.”