What You Just Don’t Know: Madeline Griffith


Gabriel Golson, Staff Writer

The first ISSF World Shooting Championships took place in 1897, since then shooting competitions have occurred all over the world. For sophomore Madeline Griffith, shooting competitions are more than just competitions.

Griffith has been shooting since she was 6 but didn’t start doing competitions until she was older.

“I did a youth shooting league for five years,” she said. “You go there for a week in the summer and practice for competitions.”

Griffith said that competitors can go home with many awards.

“I’ve gotten a lot of trophies and gift cards from winning,” she said. “It’s really fun because you’re always trying to beat your own score.”

Griffith said hopes that the shooting competitions bring more than just trophies.

“I enjoy participating in contests and the harder I work, the more scholarships I can gain and the more competitions I can do,” she said.

According to Griffith, her family has always been interested in guns.

“My mom got me into shooting.” Griffith said, “Firearms have been a big thing in my family because all the people in my house like them.”

Even though shooting is normal for her family, Griffin said she still gets looks and judged but she doesn’t let that affect her.

“I like the looks people give me when they find out I do competitive shooting because I know what I do isn’t common for girls, or any teens for that matter,” she said.

Griffith said that although what she does isn’t common, she still feels strong.

She said, “Shooting makes me feel empowered and gives me a sense of safety.”