Community Donates to Hearts Out to Harvey

Community Donates to Hearts Out to Harvey

Jakob Hazen

Payten Boyd, Editor

Even though Hurricane Harvey caused damage over 200 miles away in the Houston area, students showed support by collecting donations for those affected as part of the district-wide event Hearts out to Harvey.

“People throughout Mansfield have helped, just by taking the time to donate,” senior Kendall Johnson said.

Johnson said after seeing Harvey’s destruction on s ocial media and the news, her Ben Barber class decided to host the drive.

“Without social media it would have been hard for everyone to see the damage,” Johnson said. “By us seeing videos and pictures, it got the word out to everyone.”

According to CNN, the Category 4 storm is estimated to have caused $75 billion in damages and rainfall amounts equivalent to 27 trillion gallons.

“We wanted to reach out and lend a hand,” Johnson said.

The school collected over 15,000 bottles of water, exceeding the goal of 5,000.

“I feel really accomplished to have been able to coordinate this with my class,” Johnson said.

Assistant Principal Katrina Mabry-Smith said that she was wasn’t surprised with the donation results.

“We have always had a generous student body,” she said. “I knew we would surpass our goal.”

Some families, like sophomore Rosa Farias’, are planning a trip to Houston to help others get their lives back to normal.

“We are going to help them (victims) clean up what was once their homes and businesses,” Farias said. “Right now they have nothing.”

Farias said she believes this trip will be a learning experience for herself and others.

“It teaches us to be humble to those who need what we have to give,” she said.

Senior Ashley Ho donated bottled water and dog food.

“I know that in my area I am completely safe,” she said. “There are families out there who had everything taken from them and it’s very unfortunate.”

Smith said that it is important for us to give.

“We have students in our community who were directly impacted by other storms,” she said. “It’s always good to identify with those who are going through some type of traumatic situation and show empathy.”