Hadnot Participates in DFW East/West All-Star Game

Aisosa Omere, Staff Writer

Senior Colin Hadnot was the only athlete in the school to participate at the Sprague Field House in Dallas on April 28.

“It’s a game that highlights the best players from Tarrant County versus the best in Dallas County,” Coach Duane Gregory said.

Colin was chosen for the DFW East/West All-Star Game in April by a committee.

“He was selected to play on the West Team which was made up of athletes from Tarrant County,” Gregory said.

Three students from Lake Ridge were the only other participants from the district.

“Knowing I was representing the school didn’t really affect me at all,” Hadnot said. “I’ve been wearing Timberview on my chest since I was a freshman.”

Senior Ashton Vann said she was confident in Hadnot’s abilities.

“Colin’s pretty good,” she said. “I don’t doubt he’ll go pro one day.”

Gregory was also selected to coach the West Team.

“Of course, I said, ‘yes’, when I was asked if I would like to help,” he said. “When I was told Colin was on the team, I was like, ‘that makes it even better.’”

Hadnot said he didn’t feel any pressure.

“I’m never nervous before a game,” he said. “I just wanted to have fun.”

The East team, comprised of Dallas County athletes, won.

“They got off to a really big lead, but we came back,” Hadnot said.  “It just wasn’t soon enough in the game.”

To Gregory, it was an honor to participate.

“We were excited to represent the school and Colin went out there and competed,” he said.

Vann said she is eager to see what is in store for Hadnot.

She said, “I know basketball is something he’s passionate about and I can’t wait to see how far he’ll go.”