What You Don’t Know: Tina Do

Daja Dansby, Editor

After a long day of school, senior Tina Do wants nothing more than to turn her brain off. Instead of watching Netflix or browsing Instagram, she rips open a fresh pack of canvases. Do lines up her materials and gets to work, watching vibrant paint meet liquid soap in the little plastic cup.

She turns her mixture over onto the canvas both excited and nervous to see the outcome. Although she’s worked with this method before, this is the first time that someone else will see her work— the first time it will no longer belong to just her.

“What I really like about fluid art is that every piece is going to be unique and you never know how it will turn out until the end,” Do said. “You kind of just go for it and something about that freedom gives me the stress relief I need.”

Despite rarely sharing her work with the world, Do recently started selling her fluid art pieces after encouragement from her peers.

“I’ve always made art for myself and never really like to display it for the public,” she said. “However, a lot of people came to appreciate my artwork and wanted me to make them a piece. Although I wasn’t a fan of putting my artwork out there, I really wanted to make something and give back to those that appreciated me.”

The price for a 12×12 canvas with the color scheme of your choice is between $25-$30. To contact Do, you can email her at [email protected].

“As I experimented around with different concepts, I found that fluid art was one of my favorites and decided it was the best one to exploit,” she said. “There’s nothing much to the intention of the design yet it is somehow aesthetic.