Student Council Bonds at Stars Game with Legacy

Student Council Bonds at Stars Game with Legacy

Harrison Le, Staff Writer

To strengthen the relationship between the school and Legacy High School’s Student Councils, officers attended the Dallas Stars versus Arizona Coyotes hockey game on Oct. 17.

“It was an opportunity to (work) as a team with each other and learn to be better leaders,” junior Jenny Serna said. “We got the chance to meet people and make new friends.”

The students attended the game along with the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC).

“It was nice to get out of our comfort zones with the activities we did,” junior Stephanie Heredia said. “Legacy is a very fun group to be with.”

Although every member was allowed to go, space was restricted.

“Any officer was permitted to attend,” Student Council sponsor Heather Colburn said. “It was a first come, first serve opportunity and we had a limited number of spots.”

The two groups coordinate on a shirt for Breast Cancer Awareness Week.

“The purpose of the field trip (was) to learn more about how to be better leaders and build team companionship between each other,” Heredia said. “Ever since the trip, we (have) all gotten closer and work better together.”

Serna said the trip brought her closer to her council members.

“We got to hang out with people we don’t usually talk to since we were separated in groups,” she said. “(After) being together a whole day we became friends. We did dumb stuff, acted like a fool, and had a great time being together.”