What You Don’t Know: Harriet Boafo


Gabriel Golson, Staff Writer

Just a week after moving from Ghana, junior Harriet Boafo saw everybody as strangers. Coming to a new school, the only familiar face was junior Harry Boafo, her brother. Nothing was like home for her, but she had to find a way to adjust.

“The first day was confusing because we had to change classes,” she said. “(In Ghana) we stayed in class until school closed.”

Boafo and her brother had lived in Ghana since they were born, but their mother and father moved to the United States without them shortly after. It wasn’t until this year that the Boafo siblings came to America.

“My parents moved here 16 years before me and my brother,” she said. “I wanted to develop my educational skills over here since the education over in Ghana is far different. It’s like a boarding school because the teachers are stricter over there compared to here.”

Boafo said the classes she is taking are preparing her for the future.

“I need to know American Laws and abide by them,” she said. “After graduating, my goal is to join the navy. I want to shift the laws because I love justice.”

After a week of school, Boafo said she is familiarizing herself with the school and is having an easy time making friends.

“My life is basically the same,” she said. “The people here are very friendly and I socialize with them very well.”