Workman Predicts Play-Off Run

Workman Predicts Play-Off Run

Joshua Samuel

After seven years as Assistant Coach, Matthew Workman was promoted this school year to replace Varsity Basketball Head Coach Duane Gregory.  

“I know the system and I know the kids,” Workman said. “There’s nothing better than becoming a head coach at Timberview High School.”

Workman inherited a program that includes multiple, back-to-back play-off runs.

“There’s a ton of pressure when you win every single year and you take over and continue the tradition,” Workman said. “But we have great athletes and players in the program and we’re going to try and continue it.”

Because Workman was already an assistant coach, there weren’t a lot of changes made.

“I’m happy that Coach Workman is able to take the next step in his career,” Senior Xavier Johnson said. “The (coaching) change actually made practice more fun and made basketball more enjoyable. I’m having fun and so are my teammates so the season is going amazing.”

The team only saw a handful of returning players after most graduated last year.

“The kids are battling and playing hard for not having many veterans,” Workman said. “The future is bright, though, as we have a bunch of young players that will help us.”

The team is currently 8-3 in the district with five regular games left.

“We are third right now,” Workman said. “We have a few more games left, so if we do what we’re supposed to do, we can move up to second.” 

Johnson said players are improving their skills and pushing their limits in order to be successful. 

“There’s always room for improvement,” he said. “There’s never a level I want to stay at. I truly believe that making playoffs is something that’s right in our sights right now.”

Many returning players were glad the coach was someone they had worked with before.  

“I felt like Workman deserved it (to take over) after being a great assistant coach,” Senior Tyler Turner said. “He did more than what people think he did as the Assistant Coach.”

Workman said he sees playoffs in the future.

“These kids deserve it, they’ve been playing hard,” Workman said. “They´re doing what we ask and being super coachable.”

The new head coach said everyone has been encouraging. 

“I appreciate all the support from faculty and all the students,” Workman said. “We’re going to continue to battle hard for you guys because we´re Timberview.”