Q&A with AP Tanner on PACK Time



Free classroom chairs photo, public domain design CC0 image.

Avery Drake

Advisory block will now become PACK time. Students will choose an advisory ranging from Anime to Zombie Apocalypse based on their interests for the 25-minute period. Here’s what you need to know.


Q: What is going on? 

A: This school year we are redefining the traditional advisory time to make it more engaging to students. Advisory will now be called PACK time and students will be able to choose a pack based on a topic that interests them.


Q: When will this happen? 

A: PACK time will begin the second six weeks on Sept. 26. 


Q: How will this happen? 

A: Students will choose after receiving a link to a Google form.


Q: Why will this happen? 

A: Our Vision 2030 mission is to inspire and educate students to be productive citizens and as a campus, we feel this is an opportunity to impact our scholars by building small communities and cultivating a culture of success and excellence.


Q: Is there anything else you want students to know? 

A: When choosing a PACK time, base it on your interest. Students will get an opportunity to switch next semester.