Wolf Moon rises again


Anuoluwa Asubiojo

After eight years, the school’s literary magazine, Wolf Moon, is being revived. Students can submit submissions through March 12. 

“When I first came to this school, teacher Peter Downing came to me and talked about the art on the wall in the library and told me the history about the Wolf Moon magazine,” Librarian Cassie Joffree said. “Mr. Benton started it as his passion to create a way for the students’ art to be recognized. After learning about all Wolf Moon’s history, I just thought that it should be brought back for the students.”

The magazine, whose name was based on Native American culture views of the full moon during the winter, stopped being published when teacher Jim Benton left the school. 

“Mr. Benton was a teacher here who taught the creative writing classes when the school opened, and he was also a published poet,” Downing said.

Students may enter non-fiction prose, fiction prose, poetry, visual art, 3-dimensional art and photography. Although the magazine is back it comes with new changes. 

“It used to be a physical magazine but now we’re digital, since there is not a class for it now, we just ask students from all areas to submit,”Joffree said.

“It’s a place for students to showcase their creativity and talent among their peers,” Downing said. “It’s an activity for all to participate in.”
Submissions are being accepted via QR codes.

“There are posters all around the school and brochures in the library that have a QR code to submit,” Joffree said.

There is no limit to the number of submissions.

“We need entries,” Downing said. “Students can submit as much as they want and we’ll comb through to see what can fit into the magazine.”