We listened so you don’t have to, here’s what we think about “Even the Rich”

Avery Drake

Outcharting both Conan and Oprah’s podcasts, people are wondering what this new podcast is all about, and if it’s worth the listen. What catches your eye first? Most likely the cover image that changes with each release; character versions of the hosts depicting whatever crazy celebrity scandal and crime they talk about that season. It’s a breath of fresh air in the podcast world where unsolved murders and self-help centered audio shows dominate the charts. 


Comedians, and real-life best friends, Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore host the popular podcast “Even the Rich.” Starting earlier this year, the show covers infamous crimes and scandals related to some of the greatest family dynasties in history. Each season is a new tale, spreading each story into 40-minute episodes.


For the longest time, I couldn’t get myself into podcasts until I stumbled upon this one. I’m more of a visual person so I find myself abandoning most podcasts after listening to the first episode. Though after finishing the audio cast of Even the Rich, I was instantly hooked. The episodes were so interesting I even started to do some extra research and reading over the stories myself. I became invested in every scandal they talked about. 

My favorite story they’ve covered is Ted Kennedy’s incident in Chappaquiddick. Everyone should be familiar with the Kennedy’s, but I personally had never heard about what happened with the famous family in 1969. The fact that a member of the family could get away with what seems like murder really makes you wonder what else these powerful family dynasties could get away with. They’re able to spread the story into three episodes which makes up the entirety of season 6.

As of now, the duo has released eight seasons of the podcast. The debut of the podcast started off with a bang, covering the royal family- more specifically Princess Diana and Meghan Markle. They follow up with stories of murders, crimes, top family dynasties starting to crack, and, of course, Britney Spears. 

It’s a solid podcast that I highly recommend to anyone interested in branching out from the usual audiocasts most people listen to. With intriguing details and unexpected twists, it’s a 40-minute escape from your everyday routine that won’t disappoint.