COVID-19 More Serious Than We Think



Senior Yasmine Munoz tested negative for COVID-19

Xena Duly, Staff Writer

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is the first pandemic since the Spanish influenza in the 1920s and it is taking the world by storm. Local counties like Tarrant and Dallas have postponed school and issued stay-at-home orders for everyone’s safety.

There are an estimated 372,147 cases globally with 16,310 deaths and these numbers are increasing drastically each day. Those that have the highest risk of death are adults above 60 and people with weak immune systems. The coronavirus has a high mortality rate and the infected suffer through so many complications that it’s a wonder that not everyone is taking this more seriously.

In Florida there are people driving out to party on the beaches, claiming that it’s not as bad as it seems and that the government is exaggerating. Their claims are false. This pandemic is highly contagious and has a mortality rate that is higher than the seasonal flu. Since this is the first outbreak of COVID-19, we also have no defenses against it whether it be through immunity or medicine.

Remember just because you don’t show signs of currently having the virus doesn’t mean you can’t give it to someone else like your grandma, as many who have it show no symptoms. A pandemic like what we are facing, hasn’t been encountered in 100 years and yet, people still have the audacity to disregard these crucial facts. Instead, they choose to go out every day and risk not only their lives, but the lives of their loved ones and of the general public as well.

Take this illness seriously because we don’t know what could happen in the next few weeks. This is uncharted terrain and every person is simply getting through this day-by-day. Enough with the irresponsible disregards for protocol. Follow the rules of Tarrant County quarantine orders, stay home and exercise social distancing if you must go out.