Social Media Drives Fans to See M3GAN

Avery Drake

If you’re into creepy dolls and scary movies, then the latest blockbuster craze may be your new obsession. Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions have been filling seats and cashing in on the unexpected success of their new sci-fi horror film, M3GAN. The wildly viral dance scene took social media by storm, creating memes, laughter and intrigue for all who laid eyes on it. And so, the need to check out this AI phenomenon began, opening the box office with over $30 million in its first weekend. 

I can’t lie. While I’m into a good killer doll story and I was already curious about M3GAN (Model 3 Generative ANdroid), the viral hype made it a must-see to fully satisfy my curiosity. And whether I should admit it or not, it didn’t disappoint. 

While the physical movements of the AI sensation are played by actress Amie Donald, the voice of M3gan is done by 18-year-old Jenna Davis, from Plano. The creepy mixture of robotic and life-like movements paired with the “sweet one moment, threatening the next” voice may make your skin crawl in a few scenes while causing an outburst of laughter in others.  

A young orphan within the first few minutes of the movie, Cady, played by Violet McGraw, finds herself living with an aunt who designs innovative kids’ toys yet has no idea how to interact with a child, let alone a grieving one. In an attempt to make life more bearable for both of them, Gemma resurrects her failed AI doll prototype to bring comfort, companionship and the ease of caretaker burdens to the household. M3gan and Cady immediately form a bond that the audience quickly sees develop into an unhealthy attachment for both. Tasked with befriending Cady, the AI doll is also programmed to listen, learn and protect. But M3gan’s incredible ability to absorb and adapt leads her to take “protect” to a new level. 

As the audience gets little glimpses of M3gan’s evil side, she becomes more calculating and human-like as the movie progresses. The robotic companion seems rather spiteful and full of vengeance as her bond with Cady intensifies. And while the girls laugh, play and sing (yes, you’ll be serenaded by M3gan several times) by day, by night, that innocent little doll smile has vanished and she’s lurking in the shadows.

You’ll get a few jump scares and are sure to find your jaw hanging during a couple of scenes. M3gan’s sudden bursts into song will have you laughing a bit and of course, there’s the dance. Watching this insane psycho film unfold may even have you pondering the abilities of your younger siblings’ barbies and stuffed animals when you get home.