Varsity Boys’ Basketball Begins Season

The Varsity Boys Basketball lost 60-65 at a tournament held at North Crowley High School.

Vanessa Zuleta

The Varsity Boys Basketball lost 60-65 at a tournament held at North Crowley High School.

Harrison Le, Staff Writer

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The pressure is on to continue the legacy of 2016-17’s win in the UIL State Championship for the varsity boys’ basketball team.

“To have a run like that last year and win state championship means there is a lot of pressure on them,” Coach Keith Howell said. “A lot of folks expect them to do it again and us, as coaches, (have to) tell them take it one game at a time. If you look too far ahead, you forget what you need to care of.”

The boys lost 60-65 at a tournament held at North Crowley High School on Nov. 11.

“We did some good things defensively but had some offensive lapses in the second half where we just didn’t make good decisions,” Coach Duane Gregory said. “We did some things well and saw some things we need to fix. That’s what this whole non-district schedule is all about so by the time district rolls around you got most of those things figured out.”

It was the first official game the team has played together this season.

“We played good, especially the new guys that have come in,” senior Christopher Mullins said. “(The new players) are good, they’ve come from different schools but as soon as they realize they come to play for Timberview they will do just fine.”

North Crowley is a 6A division ranked basketball team in contrast to the school’s 5A rank.

“To play against a team of that caliber who is 6A in our first game really shows something,” Howell said.

Returning junior Trevian Tennyson said after last year’s win, the varsity team has been looking forward to the future and a new beginning.

“What we did last year was great and we will never forget,” he said. “But this is a new year and everybody is starting off the season 0-0. We have a clean slate like everyone else. “

Senior Austin Myles said he is proud of the upcoming key players that are ready to take their places on the team.

“We know what we have to do,” he said. “We bond well with each other. The new players developed very well and listened really good last year and are starting to apply those things to the court.”

After committing to Rice University, Mullins said last year’s win has affected him in positive ways.

“The team has helped me because it changed my game from freshman year,” he said. “It let me see the whole aspect of how I do in the game and life and how I did in the court. I expect to be an overall leader and do the best for my team.”