Student Council Teams Up with Legacy for BCA

Anh Trinh, Editor

In order to incorporate the district’s saying, “We are MISD”, Student Council has decided to merge with Legacy High School’s Student Council for the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

“With the slogan, (we) thought it’d be a great example to show two big schools working together and putting in effort to fight against breast cancer,” junior Dejardin Moffett said.

Breast Cancer Awareness Week (BCA), also known as Pink Out Week, is Oct. 10-13.

“it’s really important to set up something like this because it helps bring awareness to something that’s so big and affects so many people, especially the faculty,” Student Body President Maria Baranda said. “(Most have) had experience with some form of cancer in their family or (with) themselves so it’s good to bring awareness.”

Moffett said it is important to fight for a cause.

“Breast cancer is something that is pretty well known,” he said. “Being able to raise money and to just be a part of the fight that people have been in shows how we’re able to come together as a school.”

Long and short sleeve shirts were sold in gray and pink to raise funds for The Moncrief Cancer Institute.

“Most of the MISD schools give to this organization,” Student Council Sponsor Heather Colburn said. “Legacy traditionally sends their money there so there was already a place where we could give.”

The shirts’ designs were made in collaboration with Legacy.

“We picked the best one out of the bunch,” Baranda said. “We really like the design because it’s bold and it definitely catches your attention.”

Both student councils met at a Dallas Stars Hockey Game.
“We’re actually really good friends with Legacy because we went on a Stars trip last year,” Moffett said. “Since we have that relationship with them now, we thought (it) would be a great idea to team up to battle against breast cancer.”

The past two years’ BCA money was sent to The Lori Crawford Excellence in Teaching Fund, which gives scholarships.

“Lori is my sorority sister’s older sister,” Colburn said. “I’ve known her since 1995. It’s sad because she was so young and had her whole life ahead of her.”

The DASH (Drugs, Alcohol, Safety and Health) Committee is in charge of overseeing the campaign.

“I’m a head with Kushi Joshi and Christina Tran,“ Moffett said. “We have help from Colburn and other members of student council so it’s a joint effort.”

The awareness week includes pajama, crazy socks, pink out and squad dress up days.

“Since this is my last year, I am going all out and dressing up,” senior Madeline Saylor said. “I can’t wait to support a good cause while looking pretty in pink.”

The Pink Out football game will be against Legacy at 7:30 p.m, on Oct. 13 in the RL Anderson Stadium.

Saylor said, “I’m excited to destroy Legacy while seeing so a lot of our students supporting breast cancer.”