Registration for Adult Classes Closes This Week

Evangeline Theruvath, Staff Writer

For the purpose of promoting a lifetime of learning, the district will be hosting fall adult classes here and at Ben Barber Career Tech Academy during four Saturday sessions from 9-11:30 a.m.

“Our goal is that when they walk away, they feel empowered and feel an appreciation for the functional (art) pieces they did,” Art Teacher Evanne Nasypany said.

Registration closes on Nov. 5, and only 15 slots were available.

“I have been trying to get a class since last year because as a person who runs art camp, a lot of community members are always asking me about the other courses available,” Art Teacher Dallas Williams said.

The four sessions will be on Nov. 5 and 12, and Dec. 3 and 7.

“I’m hoping to bring art into the world by giving adults an opportunity to get a renewed sense of creativity,” Nasypany said.

The school will host art and dance classes, while Ben Barber will feature others like cooking and computer classes.

“I am doing an adult ceramic class and we’re going to make little secular plant holders, do some ceramic jewelry, functional kitchen pieces like mugs, and then they’ll make a product of choice,” Nasypany said.

The enrollment fee is $125, plus $1 for each item purchased. Anyone over 18 is welcome to participate.

“It changed my life,” Nasypany said. “I became an art teacher because I took ceramic classes in college and I began to see the world differently and ended up minoring in art because of ceramics and photography. So I’m hoping to give that opportunity to others.