Abbott Cancels STAAR



Senior Yasmine Munoz tested negative for COVID-19

Alina Anwar, Staff Writer

After postponing school until at least April 3 to combat the coronavirus, Governor Greg Abbott waived this year’s STAAR testing.

“The decision is wise because COVID-19 is such a highly communicable disease,” sophomore Yousef Ali said. “Having a group of 20 plus children in a room is an opportunity for the virus to spread.”

Abbott made his decision after parents and educators voiced their concern over the spring EOCs.

“Canceling the STAAR has benefitted me because it prevents me from being exposed to potential contagious people,” Ali said.

Freshman Amaan Arien said that the cancelation is for the greater good.

“It isn’t that big of a deal to cancel the test,” he said. “There is a highly contagious disease outbreak and I would much rather be at home, where I’m safe, and not take the test.”