What You Just Don’t Know: Sydney Su


Destinee Turner , Staff Writer

The life of the average high schooler can be a lot to handle, from making good grades to finding time to hang out with friends. However, senior Sydney Su manages to handle all of it while being president of NHS, Art Club and UIL.

Su decided to join multiple clubs during her junior year as a way to meet new people.

“I got myself elected by being friends with everybody and I befriended the officers,” she said.

Each club has different responsibilities.

“For NHS, I’m basically the manager of the club,” she said “I make sure the officers are doing their jobs and create the agenda for the meetings. For Art Club, I help out with VASE and create projects for the camps.”

Being president of multiple clubs allows Su to pursue different interests.

“For NHS, it’s that sense of responsibility and that I’m making a difference in someone’s life.” she said. “For Art Club, it’s about the fun and creativity I get to do.”

While handling the responsibility can be difficult, Su said she manages to keep it together.

“The biggest issue is time management,” she said. “But I also have to be a positive influence which is hard.”

Su said that she’s grateful for how her involvement has made her a better person.

She said, “It helped me a lot of ways, not just in club elections but it helped me become more selfless.”