Theatre to Perform Little Shop of Horrors Tonight


Daja Dansby, Editor

For the school’s fall show, the Theatre Department is performing Little Shop of Horrors tonight through Saturday at 7 p.m.

“It’s literally a story about an alien that comes to earth in the form of a plant,” Director Melissa Dansforth said. “It’s super funny. The dialogue and the music and the characters are very funny. It’s really an examination of human choices but all wrapped up in a really fun monster story.”

The production is less than two weeks before Halloween.

“The movie is a well-known classic by people of all ages,” Stage Manager Kristen Pimentel said. “Getting to see it in person is a whole new experience for audience members. Since it’s October, it’s spooky season so this show is the perfect way to get in the mood.”

The show will feature a large scale, killer plant named Audrey II as well as set pieces like those in the movie.

“Our amazing head puppeteer Bonnie Slavin designed and created the stages of Audrey II,” Pimentel said. “She conveys the sassy attitude of the Audrey II in the best way possible. Our proscenium was painted by our director’s dad and features various horror films. In the second act, we created a beautiful stage picture featuring vibrant flowers displayed in the new and improved flower shop.”

Cast and crew have been working on the show since the first day of school.

“My favorite part has been getting to watch our actors create their characters,” Pimentel said. “Watching them make choices and become completely different people is really interesting. You get to see it develop in their body language and articulation of the words over the course of the show.”

Danforth said that audiences will both enjoy and relate to the story.

“The music’s a blast and it’s got enough gore and action in it that you’re going to stay interested,” she said. “No one can see the story and not think about, ‘Oh what would I do if I was in a situation like Seymour.’ All of us end up in that situation, in some respects. We make choices and those choices always have some sort of residual effect. I love to tell stories. I like people to think something, feel something and believe something when they walk out the door.”

Student tickets for the play can be bought at the door for $7. Adult tickets are $10 at the door.

“I’m excited because I’m surrounded by really talented people and they make it fun,” senior Milcah Mpanda said. “(Preparation) has been really gruesome but it’ll be worth it; we worked really hard.”