Band Sweeps at Burleson Showcase


Yazmin Munoz

Daja Dansby, Editor

Band competed in the U.S. Bands Burleson Showcase where they placed first in class, taking the captions for best Visual, Best Effect, Best Colorguard and Best Percussion.

“It makes me really happy and fills me with pride, but I know that for my program the pride is even greater,” senior and Colorguard captain Jazmin Diaz said. “In previous years we have not competed at so high of a level, meaning our program is actively becoming better and reaching greater heights.”

After placing fifth in the preliminary competition, the band increased their score by one point and jumped to fourth in Finals.

“Usually we just make the exhibition spot which means the judge ye wants to see us again but we didn’t get a high enough score to make it, but this time we actually made it to finals and did really well,” senior Charles Bryson said.

Bryson said he attributes the band’s success to a mix of old and new members.

“The underclassmen are starting to learn a little bit faster,” he said. “The freshmen are doing a good job at learning really quickly so we’re able to get it down and we’re just fixing the little things now.”

Although the band has competed in this competition before, they didn’t do as well as they did this time.

“We have worked very hard in the last several years of improving each individual musician, which helps the overall ensemble be better,” Director Eric Mullins said. “Additionally, we have created a culture of efficiency and effectiveness in practice that translates to great performances.”

Before this competition, the band competed in the Annual Mansfield Preview of Champions where they also took first in class and swept all captions.

“This contest season has been a bit more exciting because we have had very good results at every contest we have attended,” Mullins said. “Our production is enjoyable to perform, to watch and to listen too.”