Theatre Advances to Bi-District

Anh Trinh , Editor

After competing at the UIL One Act Play for district, theatre advanced to bi-district and will compete again at Legacy High School Tomorrow.

“I’ve been doing the One Act Play for three years but we never advanced,” senior Nehema Kariuki said. “When I heard our school’s name, I was shocked. I was so proud of cast and crew because it was unbelievable. This next competition is going to be harder because the other schools competing are the best, but I am confident in our abilities. “

The show was A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“After (Director Samantha) Dunaway and I chose the show, we had to cut the script down to prepare it, cast the kids and come up with a vision for the show,” Director Melissa Danforth said. “This show has been done a million ways, probably the most played out in history, but our movement and choreography really made us stand out to the judges. We all were motivated, and the kids were willing to try new things. I was so proud.”

Senior Alexis Lopez attributes their success to teamwork.

“We were sitting in the auditorium holding each other’s hands as they announced our name,” she said. “We were so happy to know that something that we prepared with our blood, sweat and tears came together once we as a cast did.”

The cast and crew were made up of 18 students.

“In my first audition I didn’t think I would get the part of Helena, but once I found out I was playing her, I was excited to bring justice to the part,” Kariuki said. “When a group of creative people come together and are excited to push towards a common goal, they can achieve anything.”

Danforth said after 27 years of teaching, she learned a valuable lesson.

“This show may be too much for some viewers, but it’s our vision and we wanted to make the boundaries,” she said. “All the jumping, leaping and lifting we (incorporated) was a blast, so I learned to personally do what I believed in.”