Wolves Minds Matter Looks to Increase Numbers

Desire' Hughes, Staff Writer

In an attempt to bring positive coping strategies to the school, Wolves Minds Matter will try to increase involvement for next year, at the school’s 8th Grade Preview Night, tonight from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

“What this organization is doing is a very good thing because many teens don’t want to open up to adults and peers because they’re afraid they’re going to be judged for it,” freshman Christopher Witt said.  “When I’m at the club that fear is gone, so if they can spread that atmosphere and help to other children it benefits the community as a whole.

The club came about after English teacher Candace Woodard conducted an informal student survey to see what she could do, as a teacher, to better the learning environment.

“A lot (of teens) said they would want help dealing with anxiety and depression,” Woodard said. “We have to be connected to our students before we can start expecting them to buy into the content we are teaching.”

The club meets every Thursday after school from 3 to 4 p.m.

“The first meeting was extremely power,” Woodard said. “Students expressed so many reasons why they wanted to come. They were all great reasons. From wanting to meet other people who have had the same experiences they’ve had, to wanting to be heard, to wanting to help a friend or family member that’s struggling.

In addition to talking, the group also plans events together.

“We have morning and lunch yoga,” freshman Karen Sone said. “It’s to let things go; let stress go.”

As of now, Wolves Minds Matter only has 10 people.

“Our club is very small and I hope that people will be less scared to open up and join the club,” freshman Karen Sone said. “You’ll build some friendships, you’ll meet new people and you’ll have new strategies and I hope it expands.”

For more information, see Woodard in room 2023.

She said, “I’m hoping that it becomes a movement within our feeder pattern to help students understand and realize that they’re supported in every aspect of their lives and that we are concerned and in tune with their emotions.”