Track Loses Kickball to Arlington PD 9-0

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Track Loses Kickball to Arlington PD 9-0

Martin Gomez, Staff Writer

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The school’s track program hosted a kickball game with the Arlington Police Department on Jan.10.

“Most of the time when police officers come it’s for a negative reason,” Coach Robert Johnson said. “(The coaches) wanted the officers and the young men to get together have a good time.”

The Arlington Police Department won the kickball game.

“We got slaughtered 9-0,” junior Andrei Bowlin said. “I caught all the balls that came to me and did good when I came up to kick. We just couldn’t get on the same level as them.”

The event was open to the public.

“We had some sixth graders come up from Icenhower, and they beat some of the track boys in a relay,” Johnson said. “We had some of the bigger guys participate and the teachers beat them. It was just a special occasion that was open for anybody to come join and be a part of.”

There were other games that people who attended were able to take part in.

“Other than kickball, there was tug-o-war, sack races and relays,” Bowlin said. “All ages competed against each other, from elementary school kids to the teachers themselves. It was a fun way for different generations to have a good time with each other.”

The police department and track team said they would want to do another event like this.

“It was fun overall,” junior Donnie Gatson said. “It felt great to get out there and participate in something like this. There was a lot of competition between us, making for a very cool experience.”

Johnson wanted the event to act as a bonding experience between the kids and the police.

“I hope that the kids understand that police officers are human also,” Johnson said. “They’re  people who are approachable at any time; people you can just smile and have fun with.”

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